32 Luxury – 32mm header

32 Luxury – 32mm

Luxigraze 32 Luxury is designed to look as stunning as natural turf. This high quality artificial grass is flexible and durable, creating a soft and comfortable feel underfoot. Transform your lawn, garden or play area with this versatile artificial grass.

Each Luxigraze artificial grass product:

  • Is supplied in 2m and 4m widths, up to 25m lengths
  • Can be cut to size (to the nearest metre) to suit the specific needs of individual projects
  • Has a multi tone green pile, with a brown thatch, providing a realistic appearance
  • Is composed of polyethylene (PE) monofilament with a polypropylene (PP) texturised root zone, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel (Please note that the 30 Luxury has a slightly different construction, formed from field green and apple green polyethylene (PE) monofilament with a tan and chocolate brown polyethylene texturised root zone.)
  • Has a high quality latex backing, pre-punched for drainage
32 Luxury
Pile Weight (dtex)  9.500
Pile Height (mm) 32
Total Pile Height (mm) 33
Total Pile Weight (g/rm2) 1.610
Knots (m2) 20.790
Total Pile Weight (g/rm2) 2.575
Tuffs (cm) 19.8/10
Gauge (inch) 3/8