Installation Products

Luxigraze Artificial Grass Installation Products

Designed to aid the simple installation and maintenance of artificial grass, Luxigraze offers its own range of accessories.

This super strong adhesive is easy to use, and can be very effective when used for either installation of new artificial grass or maintaining  existing areas.

  • Moisture curing solvent free polyurethane adhesive with a high bond strength, for bonding Luxigraze Artificial Grass
  • Coloured green to blend with the artificial grass
  • Designed to bond the underside of artificial grass to jointing tape and/or the sub base for a secure finish
  • 1 cartridge covers 2-3 linear metres of Luxigraze Jointing Tape

Luxigraze Jointing Tape – 20cm wide

Technical Information

Luxigraze Jointing Tape information sheet

Luxigraze Jointing Tape is specially constructed  for use with Luxigraze Adhesive. Together they form a strong bond when seam jointing artificial grass.

  • A strong geotextile fabric with a green laminated polyolefinic film to the back, to prevent the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Luxigraze Adhesive to join Luxigraze Artificial Grass
  • Available in 20m and 100m rolls or cut to length (to the nearest meter)

Luxigraze Self Adhesive Jointing Tape – 20cm wide

Luxigraze Self Adhesive Jointing Tape is constructed with non-woven fabric making it durable and strong.

  • Designed to join Luxigraze Artificial Grass.
  • Convenient roll size for ease of handling.
  • Simple application, allowing speedy joining of Luxigraze Artificial Grass, creating instant seams.
  • For application to the underside of Luxigraze Artificial Grass.
  • Available in 5m lengths.

Luxigraze U Pins – 150mm x 30mm x 4mm

These unique shaped, galvanised Luxigraze U Pins are tapered at the ends to help pierce through weed membrane and the latex backing found on the back of artificial grass.

  • Galvanised
  • Heavy Duty
  • The best way to secure your artificial grass in to soft ground
  • The u pin will sit below the pile and its green top will be camouflaged
  • Supplied in packs of 10